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NEW Phil Brown Videos..... LIVE !


NEW Phil Brown Videos..... LIVE !

Love or Confusion Love or Confusion

The Pump/Crossroads The Pump/Crossroads

phil brown


# artistlaunch 2010-02-02 08:08
It's almost impossible to get a balance on a video thats been filmed on a handheld from the audience. The only way to get the mix right is via a seperate fed from the front of house desk into another desk and then mixed on the fly by a video sound engineer... However in most small venues you don't have a front of house desk and sound engineer.. you set up and do a sound check and everything is balanced then.. if you have noone out front coming and telling the band something is wrong, you won't know on stage. If you got monitors as well you'll have a totally different mix to whats out front.. also a band can soundcheck in an empty room and it sounds fine but then once it's filled with people the acoustics can totally change.. In small venues using the right choice and combination of guitar amps can be important as well. Sometimes splitting a couple of cabs left and right on stage and having the bass amp in the middle can produce a better result out front as simply if you are stage left and thats where the guitar stack is that is all you are going to hear.. There is no point in mic'ing up guitar amps and putting them through the PA system in small venues as this makes the problem even worse. The PA should be for vocals only.. (in small venues).. i could go on for ever but maybe another day... :-* Nev.
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# moullineaux 2010-01-31 17:04
Phil Brown is definitely a tone master and top notch guitarist. What bothers me is that in all of the recordings[vide os] he is all you can hear well. I understand that his guitar playing should be front and center, but I couldn't hear the bass player at all and the drums were badly recorded. Somebody talk to the sound guy or the guy doing the recordings. It would make listening to Mr. Brown a much better experience.
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