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Matt Jones

Matt Jones Matt Jones

Matt Jones

The singer songwriter has always had an important role as storyteller. As far back as you can go there were musicians who would role off a tune or two with some evocative lyrics that would make people step outside of their own space for a few minutes and enter a new one.. Matt fulfills that role, his songs are strong and lyrically well crafted. His voice is kind on the ears and the soul. A special mention to the musicians who perform with Matt, some admirable performances. Take time to view some of his live performances on ALtv


Matt's Bio

Matt Jones is a Brazilian born, Texas bred singer-songwriter whose well-crafted and soulful songs and unique baritone voice have earned him praise and attention around the New York City bar and club circuit that he currently inhabits. He mainly performs in New York City, both with his full band, and solo, as well as in venues in upstate New York, Texas and Arizona. He is looking forward to expanding his touring to possibly include the UK and other parts of Europe.

Matt Jones - Butter and Rum

"Butter and rum" is Matt Jones' first official EP release, a striking and emotionally-driven four track record, produced by Bobby Sichran (From a Sympathetic Hurricane, Columbia Records, 1994), that resonates of folk, blues and country.